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I Am Having Some Trouble And Have A Question. Where Can I Get Further Assistance?



  • Istvan Leel-ossy

    I upgraded to T6+ but cant seem to find the extra Master and Synth plugins?
    MTA, East1

  • Simon Reed

    Downloaded teacktion.. althought it keeps asking me for my password and email and even tho its correct it still locks me out : s any help?

  • Brian

    Hello Simon,
    Please try to unlock again now. It should work okay.

  • Dennis Stefonek

    I cannot login and download the Traction software. 

    Can I get some coaching on this problem?

    I have used the code given to me after calling the 

    Behinger line, but I just cannot get things to work.

    Thank You 

    Dennis Stefonek


  • Edison R. Fletcher

    My reply i was ready set for a 331 page manual i had to cancel when i seen mac ( my computers all win 10)


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