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I Just Bought A Mackie ProFX Mixer And It Came Bundled With Tracktion, But I Am Having Trouble Using It To Record And “Overdub” Music Tracks In My Home Studio. What Are The Specific Steps I Need To Do?


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  • jurlina

    hey there !
    I'm a drummer I have Meckie profix12 and Traction 3 and trying to record drums on the drums backing track mp3 file
    it means that the mp3 would like to have on channel 1, and record my drum on channel 2 (so that I can edit drum sound) before export audio.
    followed all the steps in the manual, install ASIO4ALL
    I got most of the things to work, but not separately (in channel 1.. mp3, and channel 2 ... drum), tried a couple of ways even with both the left-right channel control
    I need a little help and advice ... thanks !!

    this is unclear..
    Make sure that Tracktion's "E-to-E" button is not activated - ''if I do so I can not monitor levels visually''...before recording !!

    quite unclear in my case:
    Within Tracktion, select “USB Audio CODEC 1” to record from channel 1 of the Mackie mixer (left side) or “USB Audio CODEC 2” (right side). Click the “R” button on the track to arm the track for recording.....even if do so they are once again together ( drums and mp3 on bout chanel)

    where I was wrong ??

    thanks !!


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